About Us

From production to transportation and development, our expertise and commitment to excellence set us apart.


To be the premier provider of bulk aggregate and logistics services in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our Mission

To create efficient distribution networks by integrating strategic material sources with logistics terminals.

Our Leadership

Who We Are

About Us

Gregory Dangler

CEO and Co-Founder
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Matt Brown

Chief Financial Officer
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Heidi Kelly

Executive Vice President
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Rob Singer

Senior Vice President of Development
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Jon Ma

Vice President of Finance
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Brian Fallin

Vice President of Sales
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Bobby Wagner

Vice President of Engineering
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Patrick Stewart

Vice President of Data Science
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Crystal Hostelley

Director of Human Capital
Building Tomorrow's

Our History

RMI was founded in 2015 with the vision to become the premier provider of bulk aggregate and logistics services in the Rocky Mountain region. We are committed to working with our customers to complete projects faster and more cost effectively.

Company Formation

Rocky Mountain Industrials was established by Co-Founders Gregory Dangler and Chad Brownstein

Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry

Purchased Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry in Glenwood Springs, CO

Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry

  • Revamped operations by injecting new capital, team and processes

RMI Logistics

  • Purchased initial trucking fleet to provide consistent, integrated services to the Western Colorado market

Rocky Mountain Rail Park

  • Completed Front Range Colorado site selection study for rail development project

Rocky Mountain Rail Park

  • Purchased 620+ acres of land in Adams County, Colorado
  • Commenced zoning and entitlement development process
  • Established Rocky Mountain Rail Park Metropolitan District

Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry

  • Filed Plan of Operations with Bureau of Land Management for environmental review
  • Completed engineering studies, scientific field studies and development plans

RMI Logistics

  • Acquired additional aggregate transportation and logistics assets

Rocky Mountain Rail Park

  • Received preliminary zoning and entitlement approvals

Core Values

Our Values

Our values serve as our cultural cornerstones and guide our decisions and actions.


Grit is the strength of our character. Passionate purpose drives perseverance. We believe people with grit can achieve anything.

Excellence is exceeding all known performance expectations. We believe excellence is a commitment to value creation.

Trust is the foundation of our culture. Trust enables us to scale individual talents to more meaningful collective achievements. We believe trust is the connection between mutual respect and safety.

Kaizen translates to “continuous self-development”. Kaizen is how we challenge our own mindset by developing strong willpower to break the status quo. We believe kaizen enables us to reach our full potential.

Our Board

Board of Directors

Chad Brownstein

Gregory Dangler

Dr. Barry Munitz


Brandon Pilot



Industrial Sized Vision

Modern logistics challenges require advanced capabilities and creative thinking. Customer expectations are high, projects have complex constraints, and material and logistics sourcing are often times difficult and time-consuming. Innovation and applied technology have become the foundation for becoming the premier provider of bulk aggregate and transportation logistics throughout the Rocky Mountain region.